Material lifting equipment and material lifts manufactured by Genie easily and safely lift up to 1000 pounds (454Kg.) from ground level to heights of up to 26 feet (7.9 m.). Each model is completely portable and highly manoeuvrable. Below are examples of the variuos models that are available.

Product Lifting Height Width – stowed Load Capacity
Super Hoist™ 3.8m – 5.6m 0.61m 136 kgs
Load Lifter™ 1.7m 0.52m 91 kgs
Genie Lift™ 1.8m – 4.2m 0.63m 159kgs – 227kgs
Superlift Contractor® 3.94m – 7.32m 0.8m 295kgs – 363kgs
Superlift Advantage® 2m – 7.94m 0.8m 295kgs – 454kgs
Super Tower™ 19 ft 6 in – 24 ft 4 in 1 ft 10 in 800 lbs


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