Genie TZ-34/20 Trailer Mounted Boom

Genie TZ-34/20 Trailer Mounted BoomGenie TZ-34/20 is an articulating Trailer Mounted boom with a telescopic primary boom. With a working height of 12.36m, the TX-34/20 features the industries leading working envelope and outreach (6.1m).

The TZ-34/20 has a lifting capacity of 200kgs. Hydraulic outriggers are standard and the exclusive automatic levelling system provides 11 degree levelling capability from the ground controls. The system allows the machine to be set up in less that 40 seconds when the operator deploys all four outriggers simultaneously.

Genie TZ 50-30 Trailer Mounted Boom

Genie TZ 50-30 Trailer Mounted BoomThe exclusive Genie Automatic Leveling System is “self-leveling” and is standard equipment on all TZ-50 models. This system provides industry-leading 10 degrees leveling capability and allows the operator to hydraulically deploy the outriggers and automatically level the machine. Machine setup can be completed in less than 45 seconds when the operator deploys all four outriggers simultaneously.

The system self-levels the machine to 1 degree in all directions. The level sensor alarm will not sound unless the machine is over 21/2 degrees out of level. This built-in tolerance provides resistance to level sensor “nuisance tripping”, which can be a common occurrence on other trailer mounted booms. This feature increases productivity and sets the Genie TZ-50 apart from the competition.




Product Working Height Horizontal reach Lift capacity Standard Platform Lift Capacity Rotating Platform
TZ-34/20 40 ft

(12.36 m)

18 ft 4 in

(5.59 m)

440 lbs

(200 kg)

400 lbs

(181 kg)

TZ-50 55 ft 6 in

(17.09 m)

29 ft 2 in

(8.89 m)

440 lbs

(200 kg)

440 lbs

(200 kg)


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